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The Carnica Cimala Bee Farm produces Carnica Queen Bees that are famous for their docility and ability to overwinter in harsh climatic conditions.

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"Thank you for your queen bees. They have greatly improved the quality of my queen bee breeding."
Sylva Stočesová - Czech Republic
"Mr Cimala has managed to successfully breed a strain of bee which meets the requirements of climatic conditions for altitudes of 750-1000 meters in the Šumava mountains."
František Lang - Sumava Region, Czech Republic
"I am extremely impressed by the docility of the colonies coming from the queen bees I have purchased from you."
Silvia Viazankova - Slovakia
"I am glad that there is still somebody like you who is such a master of beekeeping. For many years I have been impressed at the quantity of honey and pollen produced from your queen bees, and how pleasant it is to work with them.
I make nucleus colonies from your queen bees and they continue to preserve their traits from mother to daughter and with later generations as well."
Eduard Šebora - Slovakia

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